TFA Explorer



TFA-Explorer is an advanced Factom blockcahin explorer with insights into Authority Node health and much more. The explorer back-end is the Factom Blockchain stored in a Postgres database, allowing for quick relational queries. This part of the explorer will be open sourced, so for anyone looking to do relational queries or statistics on the Factom Blockchain, feel free to reach out and we can speed up the open sourcing of that part!


    Explorer –

  • Ability to sort explorer by column of choice (FCT-transfers, EC spent etc.)
  • Ability to limit displayed blocks by date (last day, last 7 days, last month, custom range)
  • Public explorer API enabling anyone to query Factom blockchain data
  • Factoid Inflation dashboard displays:
    • Average efficiency
    • Authority node Count
    • Federated servers
    • Audit servers
    • Factoids generated (per coinbase transaction) to:
      • Authority Node operators
      • Grant pool
      • Number of blocks until next coinbase transaction
      • Realtime pending entries (block being built)
      • Current block height
      • Current “minute in the block”

    Authority Set dashboard –

  • Visual representation of all the nodes in the authority set
  • Federated servers
  • Audit servers
  • Displays the following information for each server:
    • Chain ID
    • Signing Key
    • Coinbase Address
    • Current Efficiency
    • Pledged Efficiency
    • Matryoshka key
    • Heartbeat timestamp
    • Monitors health of the authority set and has visual cues for:
      • Missing heartbeats
      • Server offline
      • Discrepancy between pledged and actual server efficiency